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Limited, In-Person Volunteer Opportunities During COVID

With COVID restrictions loosening, KEEN Greater DC-Baltimore is providing in-person, structured, instructor-led programs to KEEN Athletes and is looking for a few volunteers to help create the fun!
Volunteers are needed to assist with greeting and encouraging athletes, as well as modeling the activities for our athletes. With your help, we believe we can create KEEN fun while still wearing masks and staying at a safe distance from each other.
Ways you can at our in-person programs during this transition period:

  • Help greet athletes with great enthusiasm as they arrive
  • Walk athletes to their spot in the gym
  • Help model activities as the instructor leads
  • Show ways to modify activity if necessary or helpful to the athlete
  • Cheer on and encourage our athletes and help then stay focused

To volunteer in person during COVID, volunteers must:

  • must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19
  • be free of COVID and its symptoms
  • have no known exposure to COVID within 14 days prior to volunteering
  • have a negative test if recently exposed to COVID-19
  • be willing and able to wear a mask during their time at KEEN
  • register online and attend volunteer orientation
  • sign KEEN’s Covid waiver.    

Email [email protected] for details. 

“A KEEN parent once told me that the time I spend with his child is a gift to his child, but the truth is I am the one getting a gift!” KEEN coach


Pre-Covid Programs Suspended Until Further Notice.

Coaches Committee Members In addition to working with some great kids and young adults with disabilities, KEEN volunteers, or “coaches,” meet a variety of interesting community-minded people. Volunteering for KEEN is fun and offers opportunities for occasional participation, regular involvement, and leadership. Volunteers don't need any prior experience working with disabled individuals – KEEN provides training prior to each session. Coaches don't need to be athletic, either. Our athletes will love you just as you are!

KEEN’s programs are structured so that each volunteer is assigned one program participant, or “athlete.” A coach’s job is to help athletes take part in different sports activities and to have a good time. Just before the athletes arrive and the session begins, coaches receive a profile with details about their athlete’s abilities as well as helpful coaching hints for that particular athlete.

In addition to coaching individual athletes, KEEN volunteers have the opportunity to become a member of our Coaches Committee. This group plans and directs all KEEN activities, and provides a rewarding opportunity for leadership within KEEN.


Individuals/Young Professionals from surrounding areas are the core of KEEN’s volunteer base. KEEN understands the demands on these dedicated coaches, and does not ask them to make a formal commitment of time – they are welcome to show up when they can. But the rewards from interaction with their athlete and the other volunteers make them want to come back, time and again.

High School volunteers are welcome and KEEN provides student service hours. Spaces for high school student volunteers are limited, and to reserve a space, they need to register for each session. High school volunteers must be at least 15 years of age.
Community Service Volunteers: If you wish to earn community service hours for the time you spend volunteering at KEEN, you MUST bring a community service form with you when you come to volunteer, and turn it in at the front desk at the beginning of the session. You are responsible for tracking your own hours, including the dates and sessions you volunteered.
Corporate/University/Community Groups are welcome to volunteer at KEEN. Groups wishing to volunteer are asked to contact KEEN to reserve a program and a date, at volunteer@keenGrDC.org

A New Volunteer Orientation is held prior to each KEEN Session.


Watch this video to learn about becoming a great KEEN Coach!


Watch this video to see the Impact KEEN made on one volunteer!


To become a KEEN Volunteer, click here.

Watch this video to see the Impact KEEN made on one volunteer!