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Program Description

Amongst the many large, inflatable pool toys joyous and noisy KEEN athletes and volunteers can be found having a blast in the pool. A few even like to swim a lap or two. Like all KEEN programs, the volunteer coach works individually with their athlete to find the activities that best meet their needs. KEEN swim sessions end with a group Tug of War, and a water ballet rendition of the Hokey Pokey that is not to be missed!

The JPMF Splash program component of KEEN Swim (in DC and MD) is specifically designed to teach kids with disabilities to be safe and have fun while in and around the water. It features fun games and activities to teach five basic safety rules:

  1. Always Swim with a Buddy
  2. No running, no pushing
  3. Stop, look, and listen when the lifeguard blows the whistle
  4. When in trouble, put feet down and stand up
  5. Blow bubbles when under water

While splashing around and having fun at KEEN Swim, as we always do, at every KEEN Swim session we will also be incorporating JPMF Splash games that collectively cover all of these rules.A large variety of inflatable equipment makes even the most cautious athlete eager to get in the water and splash about. Swimmers who are able are encouraged to swim a lap or two.
Ages: Open

Session Information

Time: See Current Schedule
Dates: Saturdays. See Current Schedule

Program Location

Montgomery County: Hanley Center at Georgetown Prep | 10900 Rockville Pike | N. Bethesda, MD 20852
Washington DC: Deanwood Pool | 1350 49th St. NE | DC 20019


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