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Honor, Special Occasions and Memorial Donations


Gifts to KEEN Greater DC can be made in honor of a family member, friend, or significant other. The individual/s honored by your contribution will receive a letter notifying them of your contribution on their behalf. 

Special Occasions: Encouraging a charitable contribution as a holiday gift or in celebration of a special occasion can make the event even more memorable. Gifts can be made in recognition of a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other special event.  If you would like to plan a fundraising campaign around your next special event please contact us.


A gift to KEEN Greater DC in memory of a friend or family member who has passed away can be a meaningful way to honor their memory.  Gifts given in memoriam can also be a thoughtful expression of sympathy for those who have lost a loved one. 

Donations made in honor, memory or on behalf of special occasions can be made online.

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