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My son loves every KEEN event - the regular sessions, the family fun day, you name it - because, for that time period, he has a friend. KEEN gives people with disabilities the friendship they so desire but can't obtain on their own. ” – KEEN parent

All of KEEN's programs are based on a single principle: pair a trained volunteer with an athlete and let them discover together how much they can do. Programs are all open and unstructured, allowing athletes facing significant challenges to have fun and be successful. KEEN Greater DC now operates 30 programs throughout the national capital area, in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. To find the programs in your area, click on the desired location.

KEEN's core program is called "Sports," and takes place in a gym, with a variety of sports equipment available. Athletes and coaches may throw a basketball or kick a soccer ball, or they may take a walk around an outdoor track. Many athletes love to bounce on our large therapy balls, and others enjoy speeding across the floor on our 4-wheeled scooter boards. KEEN Sports programs are broken down into three age groups: kids (ages 5-12), teens (ages 13 - 19) and young adults (ages 20 -25). Programs are held in Montgomery County at Tilden Middle School in North Bethesda on Sunday afternoons and in Southeast DC at St. Coletta School on Saturday afternoons. Also on Sunday, KEEN provides Sports programs at the Key Center School in Springfield and the Kilmer Center School in Vienna, VA, as well as the PolyTech High School in Baltimore, MD. KEEN Sports at Key services kids and teens (ages 5-19). KEEN Sports at Kilmer serves kids (ages 5-12). KEEN Sports in Baltimore serves kids ages 5-14.

KEEN Swim brings the KEEN formula to the pool, and now thanks to a grant from the Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund (JPMF), it includes the JPMF Splash Program, a water safety program specifically for kids with disabilities. A large variety of inflatable equipment makes even the most cautious athlete eager to get in the water and splash about. Swimmers who are able are encouraged to swim a lap or two. KEEN swim is open to athletes of all ages and is held on Saturdays at the Georgetown Prep pool in N. Bethesda, MD, and the Deanwood pool in Washington, DC.

KEEN Music takes a slight departure from the other KEEN programs in that sessions are led by trained professionals, with volunteer coaches helping their athletes sing, play basic instruments, and dance. Music is a very popular program with our athletes. We have two Sunday sessions for kids and two Sunday sessions for teens at Tilden Middle School in North Bethesda, MD. And we have sessions for kids and teens on Saturdays at the St. Coletta School in SE DC, and one Sunday a month at the Key Center School in Springfield as well.

KEEN Tennis is a program for kids and teens together. It is held at the Four Seasons Tennis Club in Fairfax, Va. Students at the Bob Pass 4 StarTennis Academy coach KEEN athletes on the first Saturday of the month.

KEEN Club is a peer-companion program for teenaged athletes who are able to go out into the community and participate in more structured activities. This is the only KEEN program where volunteers are asked for a year-long committment of time, as each high school aged volunteer is paired with a single athlete for the school year. Coaches and athletes develop unique and lasting friendships while playing more structured games of basketball and kickball and attending community events such as Washington Wizards games. The group meets a Tilden Middle School in Bethesda on Sunday afternoons.

Basketball Clinics
KEEN DC Basketball is a new program for our teenaged DC athletes who wish to work on their ball handling and team playing skills. Volunteer coaches help each athlete practice exercises and drills led by a local high school basketball coach.

Soccer Clinics
KEEN United Soccer Clinics is a new program for our youngest athletes in DC, MD, and VA who wish to work on their ball handling and team playing skills. Volunteer coaches help each athlete participate in exercise and drills led by soccer coaches from DC SCORES.

Tae Kwon Do
KEEN Tae Kwon Do is a newest program for our youngest athletes in DC, MD, and VA. This program takes place at TaeKuk (T.K.) Martial Arts in Chevy Chase, MD, on the third Sunday of each month. Teenaged tae kwon do student volunteers help each athlete participate in exercises and drills led by Master Moon.

In addition to Sports, KEEN offers other programs for its young adult athletes: KEEN Bowling, KEEN Fit, and KEEN Dance. Bowling is held Sunday afternoons at the Bowlmor Lanes in Bethesda, MD, and at AMF Dundalk Lanes in Baltimore. Athletes have so much fun, it has become one of KEEN's most popular programs.

KEEN Fit is held at the Washington Sports Club at Democracy Blvd. and Old Georgetown Road, N. Bethesda, MD. Coaches help Athletes train like pro's on all the different fitness equipment. KEEN retains the gym facility at the club for an open gym session for Adult Athletes and their families. The program is held on Sunday afternoons.

Family Sports Day
From time to time throughout the year, KEEN holds Family Sports Days. These are "open gym" sessions at our Key Center School site. On these days, KEEN does not provide volunteers to work athletes, but rather invites families to come in, use the equipment, and enjoy some quality time together. KEEN families from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia are invited to enjoy this opportunity.