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"I don't think words can express the difference KEEN has made in my son's life. Coming to KEEN makes his whole day. After KEEN he is so happy - it makes a huge difference for our entire family!"

                                         – KEEN Parent     


KEEN welcomes every child, regardless of the nature or severity of his or her disability. In its open, unstructured and non-competitive environment, every child can enjoy every activity without the fear of losing or not being the best. Athletes gain confidence and self-esteem, and perhaps most important, a sense of social belonging. And they have fun!

KEEN athletes have disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and various intellectual and developmental disabilities. Unlike other recreation programs for individuals with disabilities, KEEN provides an open, unstructured environment for people with any type of disability, including those with significant needs. For some of the children and young adults who are unable to participate in other programs, KEEN may be their only recreational activity.

KEEN’s programs are offered entirely free of charge to families and caregivers.

KEEN is seriously committed to maintaining the privacy of our athletes. Privacy of Athlete and Volunteer Information Policy.

What parents and athletes have to say about KEEN!

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