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Coaches Committee

The Coaches Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to furthering KEEN's mission. Committee

members are responsible for supervising all KEEN program activities during a session as program coordinators, conducting orientation for the new volunteers, helping new volunteer coaches work with their athletes, and helping set up before and after a session. Other members of the coaches committee help with planning fundraising events and manage other matters consistent with KEEN's mission.

If you are interested in joining the Coaches Committee, please call the KEEN Hotline at 301-770-3200, ext.2 and a member of the Committee will get back to you.

Coaches Committee Members

Christine Antoniou
Ethan Axelrad
Tammy Bronstein
Olivia Chan
Jonathan Daulte
Michele Doyle
Julie Fischer
Nancyellen Gentile
Charlie Gilbert
Marsha Glazer

Son Huynh
Lisa Josephowitz

Colleen Kennedy
April Lee
Maureen Liu
Sarah McMahon
Jane Meacham
Audrey Merat
Karen Migdail
Minh Thu Nguyen
Joe Ottinger
Sam Park
Laura Partridge

Merrilee Seidman

Andrew Skibbie
Eric Stephenson
Chimere Stevenson
Mary Tabakin
Eric Tarring
Maria Velegris
Denise Venero
Rachel Walega
Beth Wenger
Lela Williams
Steven Wohleking
Karen Woolman