Georgetown Prep - Hanley Center

10900 Rockville Pike
North Bethesda, MD20852

MD Swim @ Georgetown Prep

Sat., February 16, 2019 ·

Volunteer coaches are paired one-on-one with young athletes and should arrive wearing a bathing suit.  Athletes are encouraged to have fun and socialize in the water with their assigned coaches and other athletes. KEEN provides a variety of water toys and equipment such as rafts, basketball and hoop, diving rings, kick boards and other flotation devices help to keep the time fun for all involved.  KEEN Swim also includes the Joey Pizzano Memorial Fund's JPMF Splash program. KEEN’s swimmers and their coaches will enjoy games and activities that teach water safety skills while having fun in and around the water.

All Volunteers should arrive at 4:00 pm to assist with pool setup, to ensure that they have time to review the information about the athlete they will be coaching during the session, and to participate in (or assist with) a basic orientation about the JPMF Splash water safety rules and activities and ways to make the best out of the time that they have to spend with the athletes.

• New volunteers: plan to arrive at 4:00 pm for your orientation session.