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Donate  to support KEEN Greater DC’s innovative, free of charge programs for children, teens and young adults with disabilities. 

KEEN Greater DC is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization that provides 29 sports and recreation programs for nearly 500 youth with disabilities in the DC metro area and Baltimore. Programs, which include swimming, gym-based sports, soccer, tennis, basketball, tae kwon do, dance and music, give each child, or “KEEN athlete,” the opportunity to play, exercise, build confidence and develop social skills in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Why Donate? What Makes KEEN Unique? 

  • every child is accepted into KEEN programs regardless of the nature or severity of his/her disability
  • programs are offered completely free of charge
  • all programs are run and managed by committed volunteers who provide one-on-one individualized attention

Donations can be made online today using our secure donation page.  Gifts can also be mailed to:

KEEN Greater DC
PO Box 341590

Bethesda, MD 20827

Meet KEEN Athlete Tyler

Like many 10-year-old boys, Tyler is into basketball and football.  But not so long ago, his Mom Shirneitha, says, “he could barely bounce, throw or catch a ball.”  What’s changed?   Tyler enrolled in KEEN’s Sports program and the impact has been felt by the whole family.  “Through KEEN he was allowed to play basketball in his way, at his own pace, with his own rules,” says Shirneitha.

Like other children with autism, Tyler found it difficult to keep up with the fast decisions and fine motor skills that team play demands.  So when other kids his age were out on the court, Tyler sat on the sidelines.  “Before being involved in KEEN Sports he could not do it.  He was intimidated because of his physical limitations compared to his peers,” says Shirneitha.

She credits the KEEN Greater DC volunteer coaches for boosting her son’s confidence.  “The way that they’re running it, allowing the kids to take control of the games gives them the confidence that they can do this too!  They just make them feel very special and important.  That to me has just been awesome and it’s made all the difference in Tyler’s comfort level with athletics.”

Tyler is now diving into the KEEN swimming program as well, looking forward to fun in the pool and at events like the KEEN Sports Festival.  “The fact that they involve the entire family is awesome,” says Shirneitha. “You couldn’t ask for a better program.”

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